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"In Town To-Night"
  Churchman's Cigarettes - 1938
  Reprinted 1999 - Card Collectors Society

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Many thanks to Kyle
DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Personality                         Renown

  1   Fred Archer                         Living Wax Model
  2   Mrs. Emma Baker                     Piccadilly Flower Girl
  3   Tom Beasley                         Swordsmith
  4   Mrs. Florence Bell                  Head Nurse, Royal Veterinary College
  5   Algernon Blackwood                  Author and Traveller
  6   W. Reginald Bray                    The Human Letter
  7   George Burchett                     Tattooist
  8   Cyclone Danny Carter                International Stunt Rider
  9   Charles Coborn                      Music Hall Artist
 10   W. R. Courtnell                     Street Smudger
 11   William Dalton                      Rat Catcher
 12   Dante                               The Master Magician
 13   Harold Davy                         Toastmaster
 14   Miss Christina Foyle                Bookseller
 15   W. A. Gape                          The Tramps' K.C.
 16   Miss Gibbs                          Floral Buttonhole Maker
 17   Sir Walter Gilbey
 18   Miss Pauline Gower                  Woman Aviator
 19   William Hagland                     Engine Driver
 20   Walter Hart                         Drayman
 21   Cecil Hunt                          Howier King of Highgate
 22   Madame Indre Shira                  Cheirastrologist
 23   Sheikh Jalal Quraishi               Perfume Blender
 24   Parry Jones                         Tenor
 25   Sydney A. Kemp, F.Z.S.              Zoo Dentist
 26   Miss Beryl Laverick                 Actress and Dancer
 27   Bruce Macloud                       Punch and Judy Show
 28   Rass Prince Monolulu                Abyssinian Racing Tipster
 29   Mrs. Molly Moore                    Knocker-up
 30   Mrs. Nelson                         Woman Sweep
 31   George Nicholls                     The London Zoo Storekeeper
 32   The Pearly King, Queen and Prince
        of Blackfriars
 33   Gypsy Petulengro                    Astrologer and Palmist
 34   Mrs. May Phillips                   The Perfect Barmaid
 35   Rem                                 Pavement Artist
 36   G. F. Robey                         Old Time Butler
 37   Ruston and Steel                    Public House Entertainers
 38   Rev. L. Shaposnick                  Jewish Reader
 39   Captain Dennis Slocum               British Airways Pilot
 40   Jack Smith                          Fruiterer
 41   Mike Stern                          Petticoat Lane Cheapjack
 42   Miss May Storey                     Woman Detective
 43   Toni and Yento                      One-Man Band
 44   Bill Traquair and Arthur Champion   Plumber and Mate
 45   John Tussaud                        Great-Grandson of Madame Tussaud
 46   Mrs. Usher                          Toffee-Apple Queen
 47   James Watts                         Street Musician
 48   Donald White                        Chief Uniformed Representative of Thomas Cook's
 49   Dr. Neville Whymant                 Explorer
 50   Douglas                             Court Photographer

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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