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Old Hunting Prints
   John Player & Sons Ltd - 1938

Notes:  Cards are approximately 3-1/8" x 2-3/4". Thanks much to 
John Rand for the original list!

No.   Title

  1   Throwing Off
  2   In Full Cry
  3   The Death
  4   Check
  5   Full Cry
  6   The Quorn Hunt: The Pace begins to tell
  7   Mr C. Davis, his Majesty's Huntsman, on the 'Hermit'
  8   T. Goosey, Huntsman to the Belvoir Hounds
  9   John Shirley, Huntsman to the Burton Hunt
 10   The Beaufort Hunt: Crossing the River Avon
 11   The Beaufort Hunt: The Chase
 12   The Beaufort Hunt: Hold Hard
 13   The Death
 14   Fox Hunting
 15   Fox Hunting
 16   A Celebrated Fox Hunt: Breaking Cover
 17   A Celebrated Fox Hunt: The Chase
 18   A Celebrated Fox Hunt: Returning Home by Moonlight
 19   Fox Hunters Meeting
 20   Going out in the Morning
 21   The Chase
 22   The Death of the Fox
 23   Fox Hunting
 24   Hounds Meeting (Whitewell, near Welwyn)
 25   Full Cry (View leading to Paul's Wardens Park)

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