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Past & Present "A" - The Army
   Teofani & Co. Ltd. - 1938
   Reprinted 2001 - Card Promotions

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-5/8" x 2-3/8", and were published in two
marking varieties: with, or without, a "framing" line on the card back. Thanks
much to John Rand for the original list!

No.   Title                               Era

  1   Grenadier Guards                    Past
  2   Grenadier Guards                    Present
  3   Life Guards                         Past
  4   Life Guards                         Present
  5   Royal Engineers                     Past
  6   Royal Engineers                     Present
  7   The Honourable Artillery Company    Past
  8   The Honourable Artillery Company    Present
  9   Royal Artillery                     Past
 10   The Royal Artillery                 Present
 11   Royal Scots                         Past
 12   Royal Scots                         Present
 13   Kings Royal Rifle Corps             Past
 14   Kings Royal Rifle Corps             Present
 15   Royal Welch Fusiliers               Past
 16   Royal Welch Fusiliers               Present Day
 17   The Black Watch                     Past
 18   The Black Watch                     Present
 19   The First King's Dragoon Guards     Past
 20   The First King's Dragoon Guards     Present Day
 21   17/21st Lancers                     Past
 22   17/21st Lancers                     Present
 23   Royal Fusiliers                     Past
 24   Royal Fusiliers                     Present

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