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Railway Equipment
Wills's Cigarettes - 1938
    Reprinted: Imperial Publishing - 1993

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks much to Kyle DeRoy for
the original checklist!

No.   Title                                                  Line

  1   On the Footplate of a Modern Locomotive                Southern Railway
  2   Automatic Train Control System                         Great Western Railway
  3   Controls of Electric Train                             Southern Railway
  4   How the Slip Coach System Works                        Great Western Railway
  5   Guard Slipping a Coach                                 Great Western Railway
  6   Modern Locomotive Coaling Plant                        London & North Eastern Railway
  7   Locomotive alongside a Water Tank
  8   Guard Viewing Signals through Periscope                Southern Railway
  9   Picking Up Mails at Speed
 10   Interior of Mail Sorting Coach
 11   Steam Breakdown Crane                                  Southern Railway
 12   Testing the Wheels
 13   Mechanical Track Layer at Work                         London & North Eastern Railway
 14   Automatic Ticket-Printing and Change-Giving Machines   Underground Lines, L.P.T.B.
 15   How an Escalator Works                                 Underground Lines, L.P.T.B.
 16   Passimeter Booking Office                              Underground Lines, L.P.T.B.
 17   Point Construction
 18   Track Signals
 19   Modern Single Line Working Methods
 20   Dover-Dunkerque Train Ferry                            Southern Railway
 21   How to Distinguish Locomotive Types (1)
 22   How to Distinguish Locomotive Types (2)
 23   Locomotive Head Codes
 24   Beyer-Garratt Articulated Locomotive                   London, Midland & Scottish Railway
 25   How the Communication Cord Works
 26   How the Vacuum Brake Works
 27   How the Westinghouse Compressed Air Brake Works
 28   Picking Up Water at Speed                              L.M.S.R. (Left); G.W.R. (Right)
 29   Diesel Railcar and Trailer                             Great Western Railway
 30   "Dead Man's Handle"                                    Underground Lines, L.P.T.B.
 31   All-Electric Kitchen Car, "Flying Scotsman"            London & North Eastern Railway
 32   Side Tipping Wagons                                    Great Western Railway
 33   120-Ton "Crocodile" Wagon                              Great Western Railway
 34   Vehicle Used for Tunnel Inspection                     Great Western Railway
 35   Weed-Killing Train                                     Southern Railway
 36   Wheeled Road-Rail Tank Trailer
 37   Mobile Crane Handling Container Traffic
 38   Lowering Locomotive Wheels on Wheel Drop               London & North Eastern Railway
 39   In the Control Tower, Whitemoor                        London & North Eastern Railway
 40   Hump Yards and Railbrakes, Whitemoor                   London & North Eastern Railway
 41   Ganger's Motor Trolley
 42   Correcting Track Alignment
 43   Shunting by Capstan
 44   Modern Vacuum-Operated Turntable                       London & North Eastern Railway
 45   Hydraulic Buffers                                      Southern Railway
 46   Train Describer                                        Underground Lines, L.P.T.B.
 47   Modern All-Electric Signal Box, Waterloo               Southern Railway
 48   Control Room, Three Bridges                            Southern Railway
 49   Colour Light Signals                                   Southern Railway
 50   Transferring Mails from Ship's Tender to Train         Great Western Railway

 --   (Card Album)

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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