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The Sea-Shore
  Wills's Cigarettes - 1938
  Wills's Cigarettes (Eire) - 1938

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and showed two printing
varieties, one for Great Britain and one for Eire.

No.   Title                              Classification

  1   Smooth Blenny                      Blennius pholis
  2   Five-Bearded Rockling              Onos mustelus
  3   Corkwing Wrasse                    Crenilabrus melops
  4   Greater and Lesser Sand Eels       Ammodytes lanceolatus and Ammodytes tobianus
  5   Egg-Case of Dog-Fish               Scyliorhinus stellaris
  6   Sea Horse                          Hippocampus guttulatus
  7   Egg-Case of Blonde Ray             Raia brachyura
  8   Common Cockles                     Cardium edule
  9   Holes Made by Piddocks             Pholas dactylus
 10   Scallop and Barnacles              Pecten maximus and Balanus porcatus
 11   Scallop Shells                     Family Pectinidae
 12   Common Oyster                      Ostrea edulis
 13   Razor Shell                        Ensis siliqua
 14   Cluster of Edible Mussels          Mytilus edulis
 15   Tellins and Carpet Shell           Tellina and Paphia
 16   Ormer or Ear Shells                Haliotis tuberculata
 17   Common Whelks                      Buccinum undatum
 18   Eggs of Whelk                      Buccinum undatum
 19   Periwinkles                        Littorina littorea
 20   Top Shells                         Family Trochidae
 21   Limpets on Rock                    Patella vulgata
 22   Acorn Barnacles on Mussel Shell    Balanus balanoides
 23   Common Lobster                     Homarus gammarus
 24   Norway Lobster                     Nephrops norvegicus
 25   Common Prawn                       Leander serratus
 26   Common Shrimp                      Crangon vulgaris
 27   Shore Crab                         Carcinus maenas
 28   Edible Crab                        Cancer pagurus
 29   Velvet Swimming Crab               Portunus puber
 30   Spider Crab                        Maia squinado
 31   Hermit Crab in Whelk Shell         Eupagurus bernhardus
 32   Ragworms                           Perinereis cultrifer
 33   Goose Barnacles                    Lepas anatifera
 34   Lugworm                            Arenicola marina
 35   Spiral Tube Worms                  Spirorbis borealis
 36   Tubes of "Sand Mason" Worm         Lanice conchilega
 37   Sea-Mat                            Flustra foliacea
 38   Sea-Urchin                         Echinus esculentus
 39   Common Starfish                    Asterias rubens
 40   Strawberry Sea-Anemone             Actinia equina, variety
 41   Beadlet Sea-Anemones               Actinia equina
 42   Jelly-Fish                         Aurellia aurita
 43   Bladder Wrack                      Fucus vesiculosus
 44   Notched Wrack                      Fucus serratus
 45   Knobbed Wrack                      Ascophyllum nodosum
 46   Rock Samphire                      Crithmum maritimum
 47   Horned Poppy                       Glaucium flavum
 48   Thrift                             Armeria maritima
 49   Carrageen or Irish Moss            Chondrus crispus
 50   Sea Holly                          Eryngium maritimum

 --   (Card Album)

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