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Speed [different]
  Player's Cigarettes - 1938
  Player's Cigarettes (Eire) - 1938
  Wills's Cigarettes - 1938

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". The "different" differentiates the 
set, with its titles in black, from a 1930 set with the same name (usually desribed 
as "title in white").  Speed is a relative thing, so don't expect The Queen Mary to 
match the velocity of the Comet Racer.

No.   Title                                     Driver/Rider

  1   De Havilland "Albatross" Transport
  2   Armstrong Whitworth "Ensign" Transport
  3   Short "Empire" Flying-Boat Transport
  4   Lockheed 14 "Super Electra" Transport
  5   De Havilland "Comet" Racer
  6   Percival Mew "Gull" III Racer
  7   Macchi-Castoldi 72 Racer
  8   Hawker "Hurricane" Fighter
  9   Supermarine "Spitfire" Fighter
 10   B.F.W. Messerschmitt Bf. 109 Fighter
 11   Bristol "Blenheim" Bomber
 12   Boeing B-17 Bomber
 13   Heinkel He. 111 Bomber
 14   Savoia-Marchetti S-79 Bomber
 15   "Thunderbolt"                             Captain G. E. T. Eyston
 16   "Flying Spray"                            Captain G. E. T. Eyston
 17   "Speed of the Wind"                       Capt. G. E. T. Eyston and A. Denly
 18   "Mormon Meteor"                           Ab Jenkins
 19   Napier Railton                            John Cobb
 20   M.G. Magnette                             Major A. T. G. Gardner
 21   E.R.A.                                    Raymond Mays
 22   Mercédès-Benz                             Rudolf Caracciola
 23   Auto-Union                                Bernd Rosemeyer
 24   German High-Speed Motor Coach
 25   499 c.c. Norton                           H. L. Daniell
 26   494 c.c. B.M.W.                           Ernst Henne
 27   348 c.c. Velocette                        Stanley Woods
 28   248 c.c. D.K.W.                           E. Kluge
 29   "Bristolian" Express, G.W.R.
 30   "Coronation Scot" Express, L.M.S.R.
 31   "Princess Elizabeth," L.M.S.R.
 32   "Coronation" Express, L.N.E.R.
 33   Santa Fe "Super Chief" Diesel Flyer
 34   "Denver Zephyr" Diesel Flyer
 35   German Diesel Flyers
 36   Streamlined Propeller Railcar
 37   The "Queen Mary"
 38   The "Normandie"
 39   The "Empress of Japan"
 40   The "Stirling Castle"
 41   The 'Prince Baudouin"
 42   H.M.S. 'Hood'
 43   H.M.S. "Southampton"
 44   The "Admiral Graf Spee"
 45   H.M.S. "Icarus"
 46   H.M.S. "Thames"
 47   H.M. Motor Torpedo-Boat No. 102
 48   Sir Malcolm Campbell's "Bluebird"
 49   Speed-Boat "Notre Dame"
 50   Outboard Motor-Boat "Chick III"

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