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Trees of the Countryside
Ty-phoo Tea - 1938

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 4"; card backs all show a mail-
in offer for an Improved Fountain Pen.

No.   Title              Classification

  1   Alder              Betulaceae; Alnus glutinosis
  2   Ash                Oleaceae; Fraxinus Excelsior
  3   Mountain Ash       Rosaceae; Pyrus aucuparia
  4   Aspen              Salicaceae; Populus tremula
  5   Beech              Fagaceae; Fagus sylvatica
  6   Birch              Betulaceae; Betula alba
  7   Horse Chestnut     Hippocastaneaceae; Aesculus hippocastanum
  8   Sweet Chestnut     Fagaceae; Castanea sativa
  9   English Elm        Ulmaceae; Ulmus campestris
 10   Wych Elm           Ulmaceae; Ulmus scabra
 11   Douglas Fir        Coniferae; Pseudotsuga Douglasii
 12   Hornbeam           Betulaceae; Carpinus Betulus
 13   Larch              Coniferae; Larix europaea
 14   Common Lime        Tiliaceae; Tilia europaea
 15   Field Maple        Aceraceae; Acer campestre
 16   Oak                Fagaceae; Quercus Robur
 17   Holm Oak           Fagaceae; Quercus ilex
 18   London Plane       Platanaceae; Platanus acerifolia
 19   Lombardy Poplar    Salicaceae; Populus italica
 20   Grey Poplar        Salicaceae; Populus canescens
 21   Spruce             Conferae; Picea excelsa
 22   Sycamore           Aceraceae; Acer Pseudoplatanus
 23   Walnut             Juglandaceae; Juglans regia
 24   Crack Willow       Salicaceae; Salix fragilis
 25   Yew                Coniferae; Taxus baccata

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