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Wild West Series
   Hoadley's Chocolates (Australia) - 1938

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Title

  1   Davy Crockett Defending the Alamo.
  2   A Battle with a Grizzly.
  3   Indian Captive Dance.
  4   Indians Attacking a Stockade.
  5   Fighting Off Indians.
  6   Celebrating!
  7   Captured.
  8   A Surprise Attack.
  9   The Horse-Thieves.
 10   A Scout's Narrow Escape.
 11   Defending a Waggon Train Attack.
 12   A Round-Up.
 13   Custer's Last Stand.
 14   Cowboy Fun.
 15   Arrival of the Post Coach.
 16   Fighting a Blizzard.
 17   Trading with Indians.
 18   A Mountain Ford.
 19   Time for Chuck.
 20   A Prospector Surprised.
 21   A Waggon Train Attack.
 22   A Prairie Fire.
 23   Kit Carson Fighting an Indian.
 24   Bulldogging a Steer.
 25   The Bullwhacker.
 26   The Sheriff Gets His Man.
 27   Branding a Calf.
 28   Safe at the Fort.
 29   When Home Was a Fort.
 30   Saving the Wounded.
 31   Attacking One of the First Trains.
 32   Bronco Busting.
 33   Buffalo Bill Killing a Buffalo.
 34   Wild Bill Hickok Gets His Man.
 35   Prospecting for Gold.
 36   Rangers Raid Bandits.
 37   The Dude Learns.
 38   Lost in the Desert.
 39   A Friendly Race.
 40   A Puma at Bay.
 41   Pony Express Rider.
 42   Jesse James Hold-Up.
 43   Shooting Up an Indian Village.
 44   Cattle Stampede.
 45   Roping Wild Horses.
 46   The Medicine Man.
 47   Night Visitors.
 48   Homesteaders' Race.
 49   Fighting a Buffalo.
 50   The Hold-Up.

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