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British Naval Craft
John Player & Sons - 1939

Notes:  Cards are oversized, approximately 3-1/8" x 2-3/4". Some of the
images are also included in the 1939 Player set "Modern Naval Craft."
Thanks much to John Rand for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   H.M.S. "King George V" Battleship
  2   H.M.S. "Nelson" Battleship
  3   H.M.S. "Warspite" Battleship
  4   H.M.S. "Revenge" Battleship 
  5   H.M.S. "Hood" Battle Cruiser
  6   H.M.S. "Repulse" Battle Cruiser
  7   H.M.S. "Exeter"  Cruiser
  8   H.M.S. "Norfolk" Cruiser
  9   H.M.S. "Southhampton" Cruiser
 10   H.M.S. "Arethusa" Cruiser
 11   H.M.S. "Ajax" Cruiser 
 12   H.M.S. "Effingham" Cruiser
 13   H.M.S. "Curlew" Anti-aircraft Cruiser 
 14   H.M.S. "Adventure" Cruiser-minelayer
 15   H.M.S. "Grenville" Flotilla leader
 16   H.M.S. "Afridi" Destroyer 
 17   H.M.S. "Severn" Submarine
 18   H.M.S. "Narwhal" Submarine
 19   H.M.S. "Sunfish" Submarine
 20   H.M.S. "Ark Royal" Aircraft Carrier 
 21   H.M.S. "Egret" Escort vessel
 22   H.M.S. "Halcyon" Minesweeper
 23   H.M. Motor Minesweeper 
 24   H.M.S. "Guardian" Net-layer
 25   H.M. Torpedo Boat 102

©2004 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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