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Do You Know?
Carreras Ltd. - 1939

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   Why "Piccadilly"?
  2   Why "Costermonger"?
  3   Why Is Grapefruit So Called?
  4   Who Introduced Christmas Trees?
  5   Who Invented the One-Piece Bathing Suit?
  6   Who Decreed the Length of a Yard?
  7   Why "Beefeaters"?
  8   Why "Threshold"?
  9   Who Invented the Sandwich?
 10   Why the "Bridge" of a Ship?
 11   Why Do Men Button Coats Left over Right?
 12   Why Are Some Windows Bricked-Up in Old Houses?
 13   Where Did the Kiss Originate?
 14   What Famous School Was Founded by a Grocer?
 15   How Far Does Shaving Date Back?
 16   Why Do Women Wear Wedding Rings?
 17   Who Founded Lord's?
 18   For What Purpose Were the Pyramids Built?
 19   Of What Crosses Does the Union Jack Consist?
 20   What Stood on the Site of the Marble Arch?
 21   Which Is the Largest Church?
 22   What Length Is Hand in Measuring Horses?
 23   Why Is Rice Thrown at Weddings?
 24   Why "Starboard"?
 25   What Is the Origin of Saluting?
 26   Why Do Sailors Drink the King's Health Sitting?
 27   Who Was the First King to Live at Buckingham Palace?
 28   Which Cathedral Has the Highest Spire in England?
 29   What Does the Monument Commemorate?
 30   What Is the Woolsack?
 31   Why Is the Olive Branch the Symbol of Peace?
 32   Why Sailors Wear Collars?
 33   What Is the Address H.M. Fleet in Foreign Waters?
 34   How Much are the Contents of the British Museum Insured for?
 35   Why Were Tankards Originally Glass-Bottomed?
 36   What Is the Origin of Wig and Gown?
 37   What Do Hall Marks on Silver Mean?
 38   How Did the British Navy Get Its Colours?
 39   Of What Does the Royal Standard Consist?
 40   What Is the Plimsoll Mark?
 41   Why a Horse-Shoe for Luck?
 42   Why Do Men Raise Their Hats?
 43   Why Do Men Walk on Outside of Pavement?
 44   Which is the Only Regiment to Wear Two Cap Badges?
 45   Why Are Wages Called "Screw"?
 46   Why Buttons on Soldier's Cuff?
 47   Where the Name "John Bull" Comes from?
 48   Why "Bobbies"?
 49   Why Hard Felt Hats Are Called Bowlers?
 50   Why Cocks on Weather Vanes?

 --   (Card Album)

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