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Garden Flowers New Varieties, 2nd Series
Wills's Cigarettes - 1939

Notes:  Cards are approximately 3-1/8" x 2-3/4". Thanks much to John Rand for 
the checklist!

No.   Title                 Variety

  1   Alstroemeria          Mixed Hibrids
  2   Alyssum               Lilac Queen
  3   Amaranthus Caudatus   Improved Red
  4   Anchusa               Morning Glory
  5   Begonia               Fire Sea
  6   Convolvulus Minor     Sky Blue
  7   Cornflower            Lilac Lady
  8   Cosmea                Sensation Mixed
  9   Dahlia                Killarney
 10   Delphinium            Pink Sensation
 11   Erigeron              Double Azure
 12   Gaillardia            Lorenziana
 13   Gazania               Splendens
 14   Gerbera               Jamesonii Hybrids
 15   Helenium              Tenuifolium
 16   Helichrysum           Mixed
 17   Menerocallis          Mercia
 18   Iris                  Golden Hind
 19   Leptosyne             Golden Rosette
 20   Linaria               Aurea Reticulata
 21   Lupin                 Attraction
 22   Matricaria Eximia     Golden Ball
 23   Mesembryanthemum      Criniflorum
 24   Nasturtium            Scarlet Empress
 25   Nolana Lanceolata     Blue Ensign
 26   Papaver Orientale     Mrs Stobart
 27   Petunia               Blue Bee
 28   Phlox Drummondii      Vermilion
 29   Physostegia           Virginiana Vivid
 30   Rose                  Permanent Wave
 31   Salvia Horminum       Oxford Blue
 32   Scabious              White Cockade
 33   Sidalcea              Sussex Beauty
 34   Statice               Art Shades
 35   Sunflower             Primrose Dame
 36   Tagetes               Harmony
 37   Thalictrum            Hewitts Double
 38   Venidium              Fastuosum
 39   Verbascum             Phoeniceum Hybrids
 40   Violet                Princess of Wales

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©2006 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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