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Important Industries of the British Empire
Ty-phoo Tea - 1939

Note:  Cards are approximately 4" x 1-7/16", and feature the national (or
colonial) coats of arms, color artwork, and explanatory text.  For later
generations, it gives a hint on how attractive the colonial economy used to
be, as almost all of the "industries" deal with raw materials or crops.

No.   Title

  1   Great Britain: Shipbuilding
  2   Northern Ireland: Linen
  3   Canada: Wheat
  4   Newfoundland: Paper Making
  5   Australia: Wool
  6   New Zealand: Dairy Farming
  7   Union of South Africa: Gold
  8   Indian Empire: Jute
  9   Burma: Teak
 10   Ceylon: Tea
 11   Gambia: Ground-Nuts
 12   Nigeria: Tin
 13   Kenya: Coffee
 14   Zanzibar: Cloves
 15   Uganda: Cotton
 16   Northern Rhodesia: Copper
 17   Southern Rhodesia: Tobacco
 18   The Gold Coast: Cocoa
 19   Malaya: Rubber
 20   British North Borneo: Timber
 21   Fiji: Copra
 22   Mauritius: Sugar
 23   Jamaica: Bananas
 24   Bahamas: Sponges
 25   British Guiana: Rice

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