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Kings of Speed
Churchman's Cigarettes - 1939

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   Lieutenant F. Agello
  2   Hermann Wurster
  3   Squadron Leader J. W. Gillan
  4   Squadron Leader R. Kellett
  5   Flying Officer A. E. Clouston and Victor Ricketts
  6   Howard Hughes
  7   Alex Henshaw
  8   J. A. Mollison
  9   Captain D.C.T. Bennett
 10   Captain G. J. Powell
 11   Captain G. E. T. Eyston
 12   John Cobb
 13   Major A. T. G. Gardner
 14   Ab Jenkins
 15   "B. Bira"
 16   Rudolf Caracciola
 17   C. J. P. Dodson
 18   Louis Gérard
 19   Percy Maclure
 20   Raymond Mays
 21   Tazio Nuvolari
 22   Richard Seaman
 23   J. P. Wakefield
 24   Ernst Henne
 25   Kenneth Bills
 26   Ewald Kluge
 27   E. A. Mellors
 28   E. R. Thomas
 29   J. M. West
 30   "Bluey" Wilkinson
 31   Stanley Woods
 32   Albert Buysse and Albert Billiet
 33   S. H. Ferris
 34   Hubert Opperman
 35   Léon Vanderstuyft
 36   Sir Malcolm Campbell
 37   Geoffrey Holt
 38   H. R. Pearce
 39   Harold S. Vanderbilt
 40   Hans Engnestangen
 41   C. W. Horn
 42   W. L. Fiske
 43   F. J. McEvoy, D. Locker, C. P. Green and A. E. W. Mackintosh
 44   Paavo Nurmi
 45   Jesse Owens
 46   J. E. Lovelock
 47   S. C. Wooderson
 48   H. H. Whitlock
 49   Flight Lieutenant D. O. Finlay
 50   Forrest Towns

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