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Modern Naval Craft
John Player & Sons - 1939
John Player & Sons (Eire) - 1939

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Two separate versions were printed,
one in England and one in Eire.  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Ship                        Type

  1   H.M.S. "Nelson"             British Battleship
  2   H.M.S. "Warspite"           British Battleship
  3   H.M.S. "Revenge"            British Battleship
  4   H.M.S. "Hood"               British Battle Cruiser
  5   H.M.S. "Repulse"            British Battle Cruiser, "Renown" Class
  6   H.M.S. "Exeter"             British Cruiser, "York" Class
  7   H.M.S. "Norfolk"            British Cruiser, "Dorsetshire" Class
  8   H.M.S. "Southampton"        British Cruiser, "Southampton" Class
  9   H.M.S. "Curlew"             British Anti-aircraft Cruiser, "Coventry" Class
 10   H.M.S. "Adventure"          British Cruiser-minelayer
 11   H.M.S. "Grenville"          British Flotilla Leader, Admiralty Type
 12   H.M.S. "Afridi"             British Destroyer, "Tribal" Class
 13   H.M.S. "Severn"             British Submarine, "Thames" Class
 14   H.M.S. "Narwhal"            British Submarine, "Porpoise" Class
 15   H.M.S. "Sunfish"            British Submarine, "Shark" Class
 16   H.M.S. "Ark Royal"          British Aircraft Carrier
 17   H.M. Torpedo Boat No. 102
 18   "Dunkerque"                 French Battleship
 19   "Algérie"                   French Heavy Cruiser
 20   "La Galissonnière"          French Light Cruiser
 21   "Mogador"                   French Destroyer
 22   "Surcouf"                   French Submarine
 23   "Béarn"                     French Aircraft Carrier
 24   "Admiral Graf Spee"         German Battleship
 25   "Nürnberg"                  German Light Cruiser
 26   "Georg Thiele"              German Destroyer
 27   U-16                        German Submarine, Coastal Type
 28   "Conte di Cavour"           Italian Battleship
 29   "Bolzano"                   Italian Heavy Cruiser
 30   "Giuseppe Garibaldi"        Italian Light Cruiser
 31   "Libeccio"                  Italian Destroyer
 32   "Guisepe Finzi"             Italian Submarine
 33   "Nagato"                    Japanese Battleship
 34   "Ise"                       Japanese Battleship
 35   "Atago"                     Japanese Heavy Cruiser
 36   "Kumano"                    Japanese Light Cruiser
 37   "Samidare"                  Japanese Destroyer
 38   I-21                        Japanese Submarine
 39   "Akagi"                     Japanese Aircraft Carrier
 40   "California"                U.S.A. Battleship
 41   "Colorado"                  U.S.A. Battleship
 42   "Quincy"                    U.S.A. Heavy Cruiser
 43   "Brooklyn"                  U.S.A. Light Cruiser
 44   "Gridley"                   U.S.A. Destroyer
 45   "Perch"                     U.S.A. Submarine
 46   "Oahu"                      U.S.A. River Gunboat
 47   "Enterprise"                U.S.A. Aircraft Carrier
 48   "Saratoga"                  U.S.A. Aircraft Carrier
 49   "Leningrad"                 U.S.S.R. Destroyer
 50   "Revolutioner"              U.S.S.R. Submarine

--    (Card Album)

©2001 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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