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Old Masters
Godfrey Phillips - 1939

Note: Cards are approximately 2-1/8" x 2-3/8". Card fronts feature full-colour photos 
and card backs show descriptive text. Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original list!

No.   Title                         Artist

  1   Cattle                        Jacob Van Strey
  2   A Highland Scene              Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, R.A.
  3   The Milkmaid                  Paulus Potter
  4   Dolly Varden                  W. P. Frith, R.A., C.V.O.
  5   Contrast                      John Callcott Horsley, R.A.
  6   The Boyhood of Raleigh        Sir John Everett Millais, Bart., P.R.A.
  7   The Mill                      Georges Michel
  8   Moonrise                      John Crome
  9   The Wayfarers                 Thomas A. Ferguson Graham
 10   Sunday Afternoon              F. D. Hardy
 11   The Sermon                    Benjamin Roberts
 12   Between Two Fires             F. D. Millet
 13   Halting at an Inn             Jean Meissonier
 14   Calling the Cattle Home       Robert Thorne Waite
 15   An Old Door at Antwerp        Towneley Green
 16   The Family Bible              C. M. Webb
 17   Boy with Cart Horses          F. Taylor
 18   The Harbour of Refuge         Frederick Walker, A.R.A.
 19   A Good Story                  Walter Dendy Sadler
 20   Johnny Going to the Fair      George Morland
 21   Their Only Harvest            Colin Hunter, A.R.A.
 22   The Inside of a Stable        George Morland
 23   Sweethearts and Wives         Samuel Edward Waller
 24   Shoeing                       Sir Edwin Landseer, R.A.
 25   Yeoman of the Guard           Sir John Everett Millais, Bart., P.R.A.
 26   The Ferry Boat on the Maes    Aelbert Cuyp
 27   Moonlight River Scene         Aart van der Neer
 28   Cows in a Landscape           S. Gilpin, R.A.
 29   Study of an Old Horse         Thomas Gainsborough, R.A.
 30   The Roadside Inn              Jean Meissonier
 31   The Lost Game                 Jean Meissonier
 32   A Hazy Morning                Sam Jackson, R.W.S.
 33   North West Passage            Sir John Everett Millais, P.R.A.
 34   Suspense                      Sir Edwin Landseer, R.A.
 35   The Windmill                  John Crome
 36   Mother and Son                W. B. Davies, R.A.

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