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Sea Adventure
Ogden's Ltd. - 1939

Notes:  This was Ogden's last cigarette card series ever! Cards are approximately 
1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Thanks much to John Rand for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Hanno the Carthaginian
  2   Erik the Red
  3   The Landing of Columbus
  4   The Kings gift
  5   The Fireships in Calais Roads
  6   The last fight of the "Revenge"
  7   The Buccaneers at Porto Bello
  8   Kempthorne and the Algerines
  9   The original Robinson Crusoe
 10   Anson in the "Centurion"
 11   Hawke at Quiberon
 12   Nelson and the Bear
 13   Cook in Resolution Cove
 14   Paul Jones
 15   The Wreck of the "Grosvenor"
 16   The Mutiny of the "Bounty"
 17   Wreck of the "Guardian"
 18   "Nelson's Bridge"
 19   Duncan's Bluff
 20   The Press-Gang
 21   Cochrane and the "Gamo"
 22   The defence of the "Windsor Castle"
 23   The "Essex" and the Whale
 24   The Slaver "Boladora"
 25   Pirates Decoying an American Ship
 26   The "Carolina" Affair
 27   The "Great Western"
 28   The recapture of the "Elmira"
 29   The Sea-serpent of the HMS "Daedalus"
 30   The wreck of the "Birkenhead"
 31   Mrs Patten
 32   The Mutiny of the "Dreadnought"
 33   Running the Blockade
 34   The Mystery of the "Mary Celeste"
 35   The Deal Lugger
 36   The Wreck of the "Indian Chief"
 37   Gunner Harding's VC
 38   "Tug" Wilson at El Teb
 39   Boatswain McDermott and the Shark
 40   The Boy Captain
 41   Slocum's Lone Hand voyage
 42   The Hermit of Cocos Island
 43   Hobson at Santiago
 44   The "Roddam" at St Pierre
 45   The North-west Passage
 46   The "River Clyde"
 47   The "Mimi" and the "Toutou"
 48   The Spotting Tripods
 49   Shackleton's Boat Voyage
 50   The Boats of the "Trevessa"

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©2006 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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