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Tavern of the Seas
United Tobacco Companies (South) Ltd (South Africa) - 1939

Notes:  Cards are approximately 3-1/8" x 2-1/8". Thanks much to John Rand 
for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Rogge Bay, 1905
  2   Table Bay Docks, 1892
  3   Heavy Seas, Table Bay
  4   Yachting, Table Bay
  5   "Empress of Britain", Table Bay
  6   Robinson Graving Docks
  7   Dredging Plant
  8   Shore Reclamation
  9   The Blockyard
 10   The Reclamation Pipe
 11   New Land
 12   The Snoeking Fleet
 13   Concrete Sheet Piling
 14   Bucket Ladder Dredger
 15   Timber Pile Driving
 16   Quay Wall Construction
 17   Timber Staging
 18   Block Removal
 19   Concrete Mixing
 20   Rock Breaking Plant
 21   Breakwater Construction, Table Bay Docks
 22   First New Land
 23   Harbour Development Scheme
 24   Cape Town's Foreshore
 25   Concrete Aqueduct
 26   Removal of Random Mole
 27   Reclamation Plant
 28   File Drivers, Table Bay
 29   Driving Concrete Piles
 30   Trimming Concrete Piles
 31   Adderley Street Pier
 32   New Land
 33   Slipway with Whaler
 34   Floating Dock, Table Bay
 35   Rock Breaking
 36   A Diver at Work
 37   A Modern Mailship
 38   Grain Elevators, Table Bay
 39   Petrol Tanks, Table Bay
 40   Floating Crane, Table Bay
 41   Turpentine Timber Pile, Table Bay
 42   Iluminations, Table Bay
 43   New Harbour
 44   New Eastern Mole, Table Bay Docks
 45   Ancient Cannon
 46   Table Bay Docks
 47   Block Laying Plant "Labrus"
 48   Pile Frame, Table Bay
 49   Precooling Stores
 50   Cape Town of the Future

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©2008 John Rand, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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