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The 4400 Season One
   Inkworks - 2006

Notes:  Thanks much to Peter Vermaele for the assistance! Further information 
and scans are posted at the Inkworks website.

Box: 36 packs of 6 cards. 10 boxes/case.
Common sets (72): approx. 2.90 per box if collation were perfect.

    No.    Title                                             Episode

      1    The 4400 Season One
      2    Tom Baldwin
      3    Diana Skouris
      4    Dennis Ryland
      5    Maia Rutledge
      6    Richard Tyler
      7    Lily Moore
      8    Shawn Farrell


      9    Jordan Collier
     10    Little Girl Lost
     11    M.I.A.
     12    Late For Dinner
     13    Boys' Night Out
     14    Mr. Anybody
     15    Killing Time

It Came from Outer Space

     16    Incoming
     17    Point Blank
     18    Touchdown

Power Players

     19    Out of the Mouths of Babes
     20    Temper, Temper
     21    Vigilante
     22    Persuasion
     23    Touched
     24    Enigma

Baby X

     25    Indefinite Conception
     26    Blood Line
     27    Custody Battle

Episode 1 & 2: Pilot

     28    Departures
     29    Arrivals
     30    The Displaced
     31    The Rejected
     32    The Changed
     33    4400-Phobia
     34    Out of Control
     35    Out of the Ashes
     36    Hands That Heal

Episode 3: The New and Improved Carl Morrissey

     37    Reality and Theory
     38    Carl...Plus
     39    Sparks of Life
     40    Nesting
     41    Coincidence or Ripple?
     42    Unsettling and Resettling
     43    Sibling Rivalry
     44    A Hero Fails - or Does He?
     45    Oasis and Crisis

Episode 4: Becoming

     46    Hiatus
     47    Kindred
     48    Family Affair
     49    Death by Proxy
     50    Mortem Ex Machina
     51    Welcomes and Warnings
     52    Flashback
     53    Bait and Trap
     54    Restoration

Episode 5: Trial By Fire

     55    Stranger in a Strange Land
     56    Prime Targets
     57    Breaking Up is Hard to Do
     58    Prodigal Son
     59    Mass Revenge
     60    Ripples and Response
     61    Playing Hardball
     62    Bombs Away
     63    Outsider's Insight
     64    Black Knight's Gambit

Episode 6: White Light

     65    Confidentiality Breached
     66    Off the Reservation
     67    Fateful Detour
     68    Heat and Retreat
     69    Escape
     70    Revelation
     71    Mortality

     72    Checklist


Changed Foil Puzzle Cards (1:11 packs)

    C-1    Maia: I don't want to know things before they     White Light
    C-2    Knox: Excuse me. Hey... I have something I wan    Becoming
    C-3    Grace: You're just one man. I lost you once an    The New and Improved Carl Morrissey
    C-4    Lytell: I'm Warren Lytell. HomeSec mentioned I    White Light
    C-5    Diana: Are the 4400 that frightening to people    Trial by Fire
    C-6    Kyle: There's only one explanation. Why I reme    Trial by Fire
    C-7    Richard: The Secretary of State is colored? Sh    Pilot
    C-8    Richard: But you know I was born in 1922, in M    Trial By Fire
    C-9    Shawn: Is that what you've been thinking, this    Pilot

Ripples Foil Cards (1:17 packs)

    R-1    Pebbles in a Lake
    R-2    Death Before Disaster
    R-3    The Catalyst
    R-4    Bad Company
    R-5    Benevolent Despot
    R-6    Future Tense

Autograph Cards (1:36 packs)

    A-1    Jacqueline McKenzie as Diana Skouris
    A-2    Peter Coyote as Dennis Ryland (by redemption)
    A-3    Billy Campbell as Jordan Collier (by redemption)
    A-4    Patrick Flueger as Shawn Farrell
    A-5    Laura Allen as Lily Moore
    A-6    Kaj-Erik Eriksen as Danny Farrell
    A-7    Brooke Nevin as Nikki Hudson
    A-8    David Eigenberg as Carl Morrissey
    A-9    Richard Kahan as Marco Pacella
    AR-1   (autograph redemption card)

Turf Wars Box-Loader Cards

    BL1    The A Team
    BL2    Hijack!
    BL3    SNAFU

Emerging Power Case-Loader Card

   CL-1    Emerging Power

Card Album (sold separately)

     --    (binder)

Uncut Sheet (limited to 99)

     --    (9-card panel of "Changed" puzzle cards)


  P-1      (three cast)
  P-2      (two cast; Non-Sport Update)
P-SD2006   (pillar; San Diego Comic Con)
  P-UK     (old and young female; U.K. distribution)
  P-i      (old and young male; exclusive)
  --       The 4400 Season One (dealer sell sheet)

        Promo Pack; San Diego Comic Con 2006

 4400-1    Tom Baldwin
 4400-2    Dianna Skouris
 4400-3    Shawn Farrell
 4400-4    Isabelle Tyler

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