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History of Transport
   British Automatic Company, Ltd. - 1948

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-1/8" x 2-1/8" and were dispensed by weight-
measuring machines. Card fronts feature full-colour artwork and card backs 
feature advertising text.

No.   Title

  1   Sedan Chair, Eighteenth Century
  2   Stage Wagon, Late Eighteenth Century
  3   Hobby Horse, Early Nineteenth Century
  4   Stage Coach, Early Nineteenth Century
  5   Gurney's Steam Carriage, 2828
  6   King Edward VII's Daimler Car, About 1909
  7   London Motor Omnibus, About 1910
  8   Rolls-Royce Car, 1948
  9   Stephenson's Locomotive, "Rocket", 1829
 10   Passenger Train, Liverpool and Manchester Railway, 1831
 11   Transcontinental Train, U.S.A., 1948
 12   British Railways Diesel-Electric Locomotive, L.M.S. No. 10,000
 13   Greek Galley, Fourth Century, B.C.
 14   Viking Ship, Ninth Century, A.D.
 15   King's Ships, Early Thirteenth Century
 16   Elizabethan Galleon, Sixteenth Century
 17   East Indiaman, Early Nineteenth Century
 18   The "Comet", 1812
 19   R.M.S. "Queen Elizabeth", 1946
 20   Wright Bros. Biplane (First Piloted Flight), 1903
 21   De Havilland 9A Biplane Bomber, 1918
 22   Supermarine "Spitfire" Fighter, 1940
 23   Jet-Propelled "Flying Wing" (Armstrong-Whitworth 52), 1947
 24   Westland-Sikorsky Helicopter, 1948

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