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1950's & 1960's Mens Magazine Covers
   Mother Productions - 1994

Notes: Unnumbered cards were found in a boxed set. Card fronts show color magazine
covers; backs have ads, credits, or other covers.

    Front Cover                                                         Back Content

    All Man: I found the $46,000,000 Treasure of the Jungles of Panama  Mother Productions [cover card]
    Beau: June Wilkinson                                                "1950's & 1960's Mens Magazines covers" Series 1

    Battle Cry: The Monster Maker of Tanganyika                         Jewels of the Night Exotic Lingerie
    Battle Cry: The True Story of America's Free Love Village           Voluptuous Beauties of All Races!
    Bold: Betty Page Pin-Up Portfolio                                   SEX Is What You Make It!
    Chicks and Chuckles: Maria Stinger                                  Chicks and Chuckles
    Daring: The Nympho Fuehrer of Hitler Island                         Stag Party Classics
    Fabulous Females: A Who's Who of Pin-Up Queens                      (pinup)
    Gay Blade: No Fig Leaf for Eve                                      To reorder from Mother Productions
    Hi-Life: TV's Jonathan Winters                                      100 Life-Size Pictures
    Man's Action: The Deadly China Dolls of Torture Island              Exotic Girlie Photos!
    Man's Adventure: "My Wife Sells Vice!"                              Wow-e-e! Adult Movies with Socko!
    Man's Adventure: She Drank Her Victim's Blod                        Mico Vue
    Man's Book: The Death Ballet Of The Nazis' Tortured Virgins         Sir!: Ava's Off Beat Taste in Men
    Man's Book: The Golden Madame Who Made Torture Big Business         Art Photography: Figures by Windowlight
    Man's Book: The Lust Plot of the Air Borne Harlots of Naples        Slick: The Head-Shrinker and the Show Girl
    Man's Life: Mail-Order Wife-Swap Club!                              How's Your Love Life?
    Man's Story: "See the Maquis Maiden Die Horribly!" Amerikaner       Back to Nature!
    Man's Story: 10 Sure Ways to Become a Big Time Lover                He: Should You Whip Your Wife?
    Man's Story: Fantastic Sex Revolution of the American Wife          Boys! Men! I'll help you master Yubiwaza
    Man's Story: Hideous Secrets of The Nazi Horror Cult                (pinup)
    Man's Story: I Blasted the Cuban Lust syndicate                     Learn Electric Appliance Repairing At Home
    Man's Story: My Wild Escape from the High Priestesses of Passion    Charles Atlas says - I Trade
    Men Today: "Writhe in Hell, My Lovely!"                             Mother's Premium Line Cards
    Men Today: The Golden Joy Girls Who Scuttled the Reds               Rogue: Has the Bosom Boom Gone Bust?
    Millionaire: March 1966                                             Unauthorized Reproduction in whole or in part ...
    New Man: Golden Nudes of the Monster Wizard                         Mother's Premium Line Cards
    Rage: The Belly Dancer Who Stole an Atom Bomb                       The Original Old Type Action Comic Booklets
    Rugged Men: The Trek of Pain                                        Bold
    Satan: How to Throw a Wild Party                                    (pinup)
    She: Sex in Las Vegas                                               To reorder from Mother Productions
    Show: 10 Girls Looking for a Man                                    Mother Productions List
    Suppressed: Anita Ekberg - Men Are Her Hobby!                       Marilyn Exposed
    Tab: How We Licked the Teen Age Sin-Clubs                           (pinup)
    Titter: Steffa                                                      Temptingly Beautiful
    True Danger: A Love Prisoner of The Girl Gang Orgy                  Men! Send for This Money-Making Outfit Free!
    Vue: Passion with a Prowl Car                                       Mother Productions List of Premium Line Cards
    Whisper: Are You Drinking Bootleg Poison?                           500 big Glossy Pictures
    Wildcat Adventures: Women-Mad Oil Shieks of the Desert              Full-Length 8 or 16mm Adult Film

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