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1950's & 1960's Mens Magazine Covers Series 2
   Mother Productions - 1995

Notes: The unnumbered cards of the boxed set feature occasional nudity, with 
color magazine covers on fronts and advertisements, credits, or other covers on 
backs. The edition was limited to 3,000 sets.

    Front Cover                                                 Back Content

    1950's & 1960's Mens Magazine Covers Series II              [cover card, # to 3000]
    Show: 14 Ways to Kiss a Girl                                1950's & 1960's Men Magazine Covers Series II

    Adventure: Two Men and a WAC - Against Jungle Death         Stag Stories for Men
    All Man: Hang By Your Fingers--Or Die                       She'll love you for it...
    Blaze: Flame of the Barbary Coast                           Party Girl
    Cabaret: America's Oldest Stripper                          Price War Sale - Stag Movies
    Dream: The French Twist Penthouse Playmate                  Paul Valentine & Princess Flavine
    Flame: Fabulous Fotos of Fiery Females                      X-Ray Specs
    For Men Only: Airways Call Girls                            (pinup)
    Glamour Photography: Fall 1954                              T-Shirt Offer: Bizarre Sex
    High Time: London Derriere                                  Jayne Mansfield's Wild, Wild World
    Laff: Artist's Paris Wedding                                A Red-Hot Sex Reader Crammed with Fiery Thrills!
    Male Annual: The Passionate Blonde in 507                   Learn Karate... the Deadly Defense!
    Male: The Yank Who Stole a Strange Nazi Suicide Missile     Look for 1950's & 1960's Mens Magazine Covers Series 3
    Male: Treasure of the Golden Nude                           (pinup)
    Man's Adventure: The Fantastic Treasure Trove of Bengal     The Greatest Burlesque Movie Ever Made!
    Man's Illustrated: The Fantastic Gyrene Shot-Em-Up          vibra-Finger
    Man's Life: The Prostitute Spy Who Led Three American       Censored Scenes from European Films
       Businessmen to Safety!
    Man's Prime: The Death Germ Our Doctors Can't Control       Excellent figure in Rubber Lingerie
    Man's World: The New Passion Clubs                          4 x 5 Glossy Prints
    Men: Spy Drop on 'the Bridge of Hot-Blooded Women'          Order other sets of cards!
    Peep Show: The "First" American Beauty                      Mother Productions
    Peep Show: Two-Faced Beauty                                 will She or... Has She?
    Pix Annual: How to Spot a Frigid Woman                      Undie-Exposures
    Prince: No. 1                                               Fancy Pants
    She: Jennie Lee (The Bazoom Girl)                           T-Shirt Offer: Bizarre Sex
    Showboat: The Correct Way to Furnish a Bachelor Apartment   16 Featurerre "Nudie-Movies"
    Sizzle: Over 100 Gorgeous Gals!                             Life Size Joy-Girls
    Taboo: A Shy Maiden's First Strip in the Woods!             (pinup)
    Titter: Making Merry With Blondes Brunettes Redheads        Confidential Strip Secrets!!
    Titter: The French Do It Better                             Stag Stories for Men
    Tonight: Cat on a Hot Mink Stole                            Amazing Spy-Eye
    Wink: Babes Are O.K. as a Hobby But--!                      "Scantie Panties"

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