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1950's & 1960's Mens Magazine Covers Series 3
   Mother Productions - 1996

Notes: The unnumbered cards in the boxed set have occasional nudity. Card fronts 
show color magazine covers and card backs have advertisements, credits, or other 
covers. This was a Limited Edition of 3,000.

    Front Cover                                                 Back Content

    1950's & 1960's Mens Magazine Covers Series III             [cover card, # to 3000]
    Mother Productions                                          To order a catalog send to:
    Man: Sex Queen of the Eggheads                              1950's & 1960's Men Magazine Covers Series III

    Adam: Collector Edition                                     (pinup)
    Adam: Mamie Bares All In Nude Pix!                          (pinup)
    Adam: Vol. 4 No. 12                                         Mother Products Classic Cards
    Beau: Vegas' Sexy Foreign Legion                            (pinup)
    Black Nylons: Nylons in the Mirror                          (piunup)
    Black Silk Stockings: Vol. 1, No.                           (pinup)
    Black Silm Stockings: Black, Blonde and Bosomy              (pinup)
    Blondes Brunettes Redheads: Two Sensational Center Pages    (pinup)
    Blush: Backyard Nude                                        Mother Productions
    Cinémonde: La vie secrète de Richard Todd                   (pinup)
    Cinémonde: Les grandes amours du festival                   (pinup)
    Cinémonde: Marilyn Monroe                                   (pinup)
    Cocktail: Nymph from Malibu                                 Vibra-Finger
    Cuddle Bug: Kim - An evening at home                        (pinup)
    Gent: Erskine Caldwell                                      (pinup)
    HarleQuin: The Latest Evan Hunter!                          (pinup)
    Imp: Number One                                             (pinup)
    King: The Return of Sheba!                                  (pinup)
    Man: European Film Festival Shenanigans                     (pinup)
    Man: Mansfield Speaks!                                      (pinup)
    Man: The Sexual Behavior of Strippers                       (pinup)
    Man's Life: Nyphomaniacs - Who They Are- How To Spot Them   Angel and Devil
    Model Studies Annual: Volume Ten                            (pinup)
    Monsieur: Covaer Girl Betty Bro                             The Real McCoy!
    paris Match: Alger - Le dénouement les pleins pouvoirs      (pinup)
    Satan: Judy O'Day - Devikl's darling                        (pinup)
    Shape: No. 1                                                (pinup)
    Spree: The Year's Spiciest Selections!                      (pinup)
    Stare: Sing in the Bathtub                                  (pinup)
    Tip Top: Mr. Black Silk Stockings                           (pinup)
    Tonight: Nude Mood                                          (pinup)

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