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Pond & Aquarium, First Series
Wills's Cigarettes - circa 1950 (Not Issued)

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title                                           Classification

  1   An Informal Pond
  2   Constructing Round or Oval Fish-Pond
  3   Constructing Square or Oblong Fish-Pond
  4   Community Tank for Tropical Fishes
  5   Diseases of Fish: "Cotton Wool"
  6   Diseases of Fish: "White Spot"
  7   Enemies in the Fish-Pond
  8   Live Food and Scavengers
  9   Caddis-Fly and Larvae
 10   Four Common Fishes
 11   Golden Carp                                     Cyprinus carpio: variety
 12   Mirror Carp                                     Cyprinus carpio: variety
 13   Common Goldfish                                 Carassius auratus
 14   Thunder Loach or "Weather-Fish"                 Misgurnus fossilis
 15   Common Tench                                    Tinca tinca

Tropical Fishes for Community Tank

 16     Zebra Fish, Gourami                           Brachydanio rerio, Trichogaster trichopterus
 17     Platy or Moon Fish, Rosy Barbel, Angel Fish   Platypoecilus maculatus, Barbus conchonius, Pterophyllum scalare
 18     Common and Goldon Swordtails                  Xiphophorus helleri

 19   Water Thyme                                     Egeria densa
 20   ?
 21   Water Crowfoot                                  Ranunculus peltatus
 22   Arrowhead, Marsh Marigold                       Sagittaria sagittifolia, Caltha palustris
 23   False Cyperus                                   Carex Pseudo-cyperus
 24   Great Reed Mace, Flowering Rush                 Typha latifolia, Butomus umbellatus
 25   Yellow Monkey Flower                            Mimulus luteus

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