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50's Pin-Up Girls (Series 1)
   Mother Productions - 1992

Notes: Distributed as a boxed set, 3-3/4" x 2-3/4". Cover art is by Don Bishop, photos 
by Movie Star News, with Roger Worsham as creator and researcher.

No.   Title              Card-Back Text

 --   Mother Productions [credits card]

  1   Betty & Irving     Betty Page is seen relaxing with photographer and
  2   Tempest Storm      One day in Los Angeles, Anne Banks' agent called t
  3   Betty & Tempest    1950: Betty Page had a growing career as the most
  4   Tempest Storm      This quivering body brought back visions of the Sa
  5   Betty & Tempest    1951: The number one pop hit was "Aba Daba Honeymo
  6   Betty Page         Betty Page was born in 1923 near Nashville, Tennes
  7   Tempest Storm      This well-known, burlyqueen was photographed by ma
  8   Betty & Tempest    Betty Page was an anomaly in the pinup scene of th
  9   Blaze Starr        Blaze Starr was truly a feverish dimension of surp
 10   Tempest Storm      Tempest Storm was born in Daytona Beach, Florida.
 11   Tempest Storm      1953: The Korean War comes to an end with the sign
 12   Tempest Storm      The average G-string girl of the mid-fifties was m
 13   Lili St. Cyr       Starting as a burlesque stripper with the obvious
 14   Tempest Storm      G-String: The lowest string on a violin is the "G-
 15   Lili St. Cyr       1954: Marilyn Monroe weds baseball player Joe DiMa
 16   Tempest Storm      When Tempest Storm made her debut at the El Rey Th
 17   Blaze Starr        The torrid Miss Starr ignited the pages of many ma
 18   Betty Page         The World Champion Pinup Girl was Betty Page also
 19   Blaze Starr        1955: In anaheim, California Disneyland opens.
 20   Betty Page         Betty Page stands 5'5" and a trim 115 pounds. Her
 21   Blaze Starr        Blaze Stgarr was from West Virginia, where she sai
 22   Betty Page         The Ford Motor Company discontinued the Lincoln Co
 23   Lili St. Cyr       Lili made a lot of movies but one of the best was
 24   Tempest Storm      1956: Elvis Presley has the top three single recor
 25   Lili St. Cyr       Ivan Fehnova, the producer who first introduced ba
 26   Tempest Storm      "Europe is one big striptease. Hamburg looks like
 27   Lili St. Cyr       One of the show businessclassics was Lili St. Cyr'
 28   Tempest Storm      In the late 50's, the tremendous mania for the str
 29   Blaze Starr        1957: Jimmy Hoffa is elected president of the powe
 30   Betty Page         One country where no one worried about the stripte
 31   Blaze Starr        In Britain, a very unique situation existed regard
 32   Betty Page         The most famous stripteasen club in Paris, during
 33   Blaze Starr        1958: President Eisenhower sends 5,000 troops to B
 34   Betty Page         The man that introduced the Klaws and Betty Page t
 35   Betty & Friend     Betty Page appeared in many of Irving Klaw's mail
 36   Blaze Starr        1959: Fidel Castro and his supporters conquer Cuba
 37   Blaze Starr        The Detroit autos of the 1950's were very odd. The
 38   Tempest Storm      A soft spoken, shy girl off stage, Tempest had a t
 39   Lili St. Cyr       1960: John F.n Kennedy is elected President by a n
 40   Betty Page         Betty Page did make some head way into a film care

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