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50's Pin Up Girls - Series 2
   Mother Productions - 1992

Notes: Issued as a boxed set, the 2-3/4" x 3-3/4" cards have black-and-white photo 
fronts and historical text initially describing the decade, as if this text were the main 
attraction for the card set. Spelling below is as printed on cards. Creator and Research 
credited to Roger Worsham, with cover art by Don Bishop and photos by Movie 
Star News.

No.   Title                  Card Text

 --   Mother Productions     [credits card]

  1   Betty Page             The 50's were a time of somnolence. It was "silen
  2   Blaze Starr            There were disturbing civil-rights issues. Breakin
  3   Betty Page             The country was spawning a whole new set of custom
  4   Tempest Storm          There were manicured lawns, swimming pools, electr
  5   Lili St. Cyr           One of the decade's biggest scandals was on a TV e
  6   Betty Page             The 1950's did have genuine feats and triumphs. Dr
  7   Blaze Starr            Chief Justice Earl Warren led a judicial revolutio
  8   Betty Page             There were new rich displays with all the fluff an
  9   Tempest Storm          Soviet tanks clattered into Hungry and America wat
 10   Betty Page             "The United States was infatuation to begin with.
 11   Betty Page             Betty Page started posing for pinups in 1949 and c
 12   Betty Page             Sometimes I think society has not grown up much or
 13   Tempest Storm          Betty Page modeled with many friends and other mod
 14   Tempest Storm          Betty Page was the most prolific model to grace th
 15   Tempest Storm          Betty Page posed for Bunny Yeager (glamour model-t
 16   Tempest Storm          Betty Page has surfaced! Yes it seems that Robin L
 17   Tempest Storm          Lili St. Cyr at the age of 23 became worldly recog
 18   Tempest Storm          Lili St. Cyr's act kept going for over 25 years. S
 19   Blaze Starr            Lili doesn't like to be thought of as a bump and g
 20   Betty Page             Lili, at the age of 48, was in the movie "Runaway
 21   Blaze Starr            Tempest Storm was born as plain Anne Banks in Dayt
 22   Betty Page             At age 18 she left Florida and headed for Los Ange
 23   Blaze Starr            When the income started to roll into sizeable chun
 24   Betty Page             Somewhere along the line her second marriaged turn
 25   Lili St. Cyr           Blaze Starr was from West Virginia, where she said
 26   Tempest Storm          Blaze Starr was truly a feverish dimension of surp
 27   Betty Page             The torrid Miss Starr ignited the pages of many ma
 28   Tempest Storm          Mail order ad - High Heel Photos!
 29   Tempest Storm          Mail order ad - 100 ft. 8mm Movies
 30   Tempest Storm          Mail order ad - Lili St. Cyr Strip Photos
 31   Blaze Starr            Cabaret
 32   Betty Page             More About Blaze Starr
 33   Blaze Starr            Mail order ad - 1950's style - Lili St. Cyr Exotic
 34   Betty Page             Bold
 35   Blaze Starr            Betty Page - 5'5" - 36"-23"-35"
 36   Betty Page             Blaze Starr - 5'6" - 38"-24"-37"
 37   Lili St. Cyr           Betty in Bondage
 38   Tempest Storm          Tempest Storm - 5'10" - 40"-23"-34"
 39   Lili St. Cyr           Lil St. Cyr - 5'6" - 36"-24"-36"
 40   Tempest Storm          Satan

 --   Premium Line           [order card]
 --   To Reorder More Cards  [order card]

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