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Famous British Ships, Series No. 2
  Amalgamated Tobacco - 1952
  Mills Cigarettes / Amalgamated Tobacco - 1952

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2" x 3" and were issued in two regional
varieties: an all-English version, and one featuring descriptive text in both
English and Dutch.  Card fronts feature full-colour artwork.  Thanks to
Maple Leaf Collectibles for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Endurance, 1914
  2   Monarch of Bermuda, 1931
  3   General Cargo Ship
  4   H.M.S. Achilles
  5   H.M.S. Ajax
  6   H.M.S. Exeter
  7   Stirling Castle, 1936
  8   Rawalpindi
  9   Strathnaver, 1931
 10   R.M.S. Queen Mary, 1936
 11   R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, 1940
 12   Jervis Bay
 13   Cossack
 14   Atlantis
 15   San Demetrio
 16   Ark Royal, 1939
 17   Minelayer (Second World War)
 18   Minesweepers (Second World War)
 19   Royal Eagle
 20   Frigates (Second World War)
 21   British Submarine (Second World War)
 22   H.M.S. King George V, 1937
 23   H.M.S. Vanguard, 1946
 24   Modern Lightship
 25   City of London

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