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Tippytail the Grizzly Bear (Series 5)
   Granose Foods Limited - 1952

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 2-1/2".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature advertising text. No titles or descriptions are 
shown on cards.

No.   Image

  1   gazing at mountain
  2   standing on flat spot
  3   snuffling in snow
  4   hibernating
  5   two cubs
  6   peering out at wolf
  7   protecting two cubs
  8   romping with two cubs
  9   helping look under rock
 10   mother and cubs gaze at mountain
 11   startled with cubs
 12   protecting cubs in tree
 13   stalking sheep
 14   pouncing after sheep
 15   cubs watch sheep chase
 16   looming over sheep
 17   rambling with cubs
 18   forelimb caught in trap!
 19   mounted hunter takes aim
 20   mounted hunter chases
 21   cub runs down
 22   cub startled by lynx
 23   mother munches flowers
 24   mother fishes
 25   scratching back on tree
 26   basking in sun
 27   meeting a male
 28   running from male
 29   motoring picnic
 30   smouldering cigarette
 31   forest fire starts!
 32   wildlife flees fire
 33   swimming from fire
 34   shaking off water
 35   distraught on shore
 36   peering at farmhouse
 37   surveying burnt forest
 38   avoiding house
 39   downed caribou
 40   caught in another trap!
 41   pulling away from trap
 42   screaming in trap
 43   trapped view from abov e
 44   working off trap
 45   dragging the trap
 46   tripped by the trap
 47   prying the trap
 48   free from the trap!

 --   (card album)

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