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52 Ways to Deal Recognition (Playing Cards)
Baudville - 2002

Notes: This card deck was prepared for corporate leaders involved with 
employee recognition, by Baudville (, a leading 
manufacturer of employee awards and recognition materials.

No.   Title

Resources (Star)

  A   Catch the Energy - Release the Potential
  2   The Universal Reward
  3   Soft Landings
  4   Creating Co-Worker Recognition
  5   Measure the Recognition Climate
  6   No Cost and Low Cost Rewards
  7   Personal Perspective Checklist
  8   What's Your Recognition Style?
  9   Workplace Recognition
 10   Managint the Nintendo Generation
  J   Contests that Motivate
  Q   Measure Motivation Accurately ...
  K   Your well-constructed program will help you

Handy Hints (Hand)

  A   A Quick-Start Recognition Program
  2   Perks with Pizazz
  3   Priced-less Perks
  4   Traveling Trophies
  5   Tools For Team Members
  6   Recognition Food
  7   Recognition Non-Food
  8   Encourage Spontaneous Recognition
  9   Give the Gift of Time
 10   Thank Those Who Play a Lifesaving Role
  J   Package Your Program
  Q   You're a STAR Recognition Theme
  K   5 Pointers To Inspire Management Buy-In

Tips (Body)

  A   Think Strategically, Act Locally
  2   Throw a "Not Going Away Party"
  3   Start Out Staff Meetings With Kudos
  4   Give Yourself a Hand
  5   Practice 3-Way Recognition
  6   Pick One Behavior a Week and Recognize It
  7   Create a Star Display
  8   Make Co-worker Recognition Easy
  9   Service Celebrations
 10   Milestone Dates
  J   Reasons to Recognize:
  Q   Suggestion Systems
  K   Create Great Places for Great People

Insights (Heart)

  A   people count
  2   respond to it.
  3   Tailoring the recognition is key.
  4   People-pleasing praise is sincere ...
  5   Praise motivates people ...
  6   When you praise people, you make ...
  7   Think positive.
  8   Recognition fuels the inner drive ...
  9   Providing timely recognition ...
 10   Celebrating good performances ...
  J   To inspire continuing success ...
  Q   When people are routinely recognized ...
  K   When you see people practice ...

Information / Program Cards

 --   Resources - Handy Hints - Tips - Insights
 --   Draw a card to keep your recognition ...
 --   Special thanks to ...
 --   Tools Mentioned in 52 Ways

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