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Propelled Weapons
Mills Superior Cigarettes (Amalgamated) - 1953

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   Pre-Historic Man with Sling
  2   Siege Catapult
  3   Long Bow Circa 14th Century
  4   Turkish Cannon, 1452
  5   Bombard
  6   Perriers
  7   Hackbuss
  8   Blunderbuss
  9   German Siege Howitzer
 10   Native Blow Pipe
 11   Bren Gun
 12   Telescopic Aiming Sight
 13   Torpedos
 14   Self Propelled Bishop Gun
 15   Valentine Tank
 16   Depth Charges
 17   German "Nebelwerfer"
 18   A.A. Rocket Barrage
 19   V.T. Radio Fuse, or Proximity Fuse
 20   V.1 or "Doodlebug"
 21   Japanese "Baka" Suicide Planes
 22   V.2 Long Range Rocket
 23   Supersonic Pilotless Planes
 24   Bazooka
 25   The Atom Bomb

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