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Warships of the World
British Automatic Company, Ltd. - 1954

Note:  Cards are slightly smaller than usual cigarette-card size.  Thanks to Kyle
DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Ship                                            Displacement  Country

  1   H.M.S. Howe Battleship                          35,000 Tons   Britain
  2   H.M.S. Vanguard Battleship                      42,500 Tons   Britain
  3   H.M.S. Implacable Aircraft Carrier              23,000 Tons   Britain
  4   H.M.S. Cruiser                                   8,000 Tons   Britain
  5   H.M.S. Taciturn Submarine                        1,090 Tons   Britain
  6   H.M.S. Agincourt Destroyer                       2,400 Tons   Britain
  7   U.S.N. Hawkbill Submarine                        1,526 Tons   USA
  8   U.S.N. New Jersey Battleship                    45,000 Tons   USA
  9   U.S.N. Franklin D. Roosevelt Aircraft Carrier   45,000 Tons   USA
 10   U.S.N. Alaska Battle Cruiser                    27,500 Tons   USA
 11   U.S.N. San Diego Light Ack Ack Cruiser           6,000 Tons   USA
 12   Richelieu Battleship                            38,500 Tons   France
 13   Arromanches Aircraft Carrier                    13,190 Tons   France
 14   Montcalm Cruiser                                 7,600 Tons   France
 15   Tromp Cruiser                                    4,200 Tons   Holland
 16   Andrea Doria Cruiser                            23,622 Tons   Italy
 17   Guiseppe Garibaldi Cruiser                       8,134 Tons   Italy
 18   H.M.C.S. Ontario Cruiser                         8,000 Tons   Canada
 19   Vetehinen Submarine                                490 Tons   Russia
 20   211 (Ex Giulio Casare) Battleship               23,959 Tons   Russia
 21   Molotov Cruiser                                  8,800 Tons   Russia
 22   Sverige Coastal defence Ship                     7,080 Tons   Sweden
 23   H.M.A.S. Hobart Cruiser                          7,105 Tons   Australia
 24   Almirante Brown Cruiser                          6,800 Tons   Argentina

©2001 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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