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Don't You Believe It
J. Bibby & Sons Ltd. / Trex Club - 1955

Note:  Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 3-1/8".

No.   Title

 1    Rice-paper is not made from rice.
 2    Sealing wax does not contain wax.
 3    The Battle of Waterloo was not fought at Waterloo.
 4    Moths do not eat clothes.
 5    An apple did not fall on Newton's head.
 6    The words "England Expects" were not in Nelson's famous signal at first.
 7    Cleopatra's needle has nothing to do with Cleopatra.
 8    There's no such thing as a thunderbolt.
 9    Nero did not fiddle while Rome burned.
10    Magellan did not sail round the world.
11    The dragonfly cannot sting.
12    The turkey did not come from Turkey.
13    Watt did not invent the steam-engine.
14    Bagpipes did not originate in Scotland.
15    Bleriot was not the first man to cross the English Channel by air.
16    The Red Sea is not red.
17    Red does not enrage a bull.
18    Baseball did not originate in America.
19    The Duke of Wellington was not an Englishman.
20    Aesop did not write the Fables.
21    Camel-hair brushes are not made from camel-hair.
22    The Druids did not build Stonehenge.
23    The sea-anemone is not a plant.
24    "As blind as a bat" isn't true.
25    Goldfish don't eat ants' eggs.

--    (Card Album)

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