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How... What... & Why
J. Bibby & Sons Ltd. - 1955

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 3-1/8", and were premiums for
"Trex Club" members. (Trex was a brand of cooking fat, probably about
equivalent to the "Crisco" brand in the U.S.) The album cover features a
message from Professor A. M. Low (D.Sc., A.C.G.I.), stating "Too many
people go through life like cabbages because they have not discovered that
observation is the greatest fun in the world."

No.   Title

  1   Why Does a Glow-Worm Glow?
  2   What Makes Water Freeze?
  3   Why Can a Cat See in the Dark?
  4   How Does a Fish Breathe?
  5   Why Does a Kettle Sing?
  6   Why are Black Men Black?
  7   What Makes a Volcano Erupt?
  8   Why Can We See Our Breath on a Cold Day?
  9   What Causes a Rainbow?
 10   Why Has a Giraffe Such a Long Neck?
 11   Why Do Birds Have Feathers?
 12   How Deep is the Sea?
 13   What Makes Us Sneeze?
 14   Why Do Flowers Smell?
 15   How Can Flies Walk on the Ceiling?
 16   Why Does Thunder Follow Lightning?
 17   How Did the Telephone Begin?
 18   Why Does the Heart Beat?
 19   How Big Is the World?
 20   Why Do Leaves Turn Brown?
 21   Why Does the Moon Get Smaller?
 22   How Does Ivy Cling to the Wall?
 23   Why Is the Sky Blue?
 24   What Makes the Tide Go In and Out?
 25   What Makes an Apple Turn Brown When Bitten?

 --   (Card Album)

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