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Popular Film Stars
   Cereal Foods (Australia) - 1955

Notes:  Card fronts feature full-colour portraits. They were issued with three 
variant markings of products, below the portraits on card fronts: In order of 
observed frequency today:
  - "Weeties Vita-Brits Crispies"
  - "Crispies Vita-Brits"
  - "Crispies Vita-Brits Kornies"

No.   Title

  1   Terry Moore
  2   James Stewart
  3   Susan Hayward
  4   Roy Rogers
  5   Gene Tierney
  6   Stewart Granger
  7   Robert Newton
  8   Maggie McNamara
  9   Olivia De Havilland
 10   John Wayne
 11   Marilyn Monroe
 12   Jane Russell
 13   Jean Simmons
 14   June Allyson
 15   Lauren Bacall
 16   Clifton Webb
 17   Clark Gable
 18   Donald O'Connor
 19   Gregory Peck
 20   Tyrone Power
 21   Kirk Douglas
 22   Richard Burton
 23   Cornel Wilde
 24   Errol Flynn
 25   Dorothy McGuire
 26   Michael Wilding
 27   Edmund Purdom
 28   Robert Wagner
 29   Johnnie Ray
 30   Marlon Brando

 --   (card album)

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