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Marvels of the Universe
   Cereal Foods (N.Z.) - 1956

Notes: Thanks much to Sean Wright for the scans!

No.   Title

  1   Testing A Space-Suit
  2   Sputnik 1
  3   Surface Of The moon
  4   Rocket Take-Off
  5   Future Space-Ship
  6   The "Queen Elizabeth"
  7   USS "Nautilus
  8   The "Silver Jubilee" Express
  9   Wright Brothers' Plane
 10   Bristol Brittania
 11   Avro Vulcan Jet Bomber
 12   The Angler Fish
 13   Dinosaurs
 14   The Ant
 15   The Pitcher Plant
 16   Waitomo Caves
 17   Californian Redwood Tree
 18   Volcanic Eruption
 19   Blazing Oil Gusher
 20   Diamond Mining
 21   Radio Telescope
 22   A Television Studio
 23   St. Peters Basilica Rome
 24   The Empire State Building
 25   The Sphinx And The Pyramids
 26   The Golden Gate Bridge
 27   The Leaning Tower Of Pisa
 28   Statue of Liberty
 29   Great Wall of China
 30   Panama Canal

 --   (card album)

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