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Test Cricketers, Series A
   Barratt & Co. Ltd. - 1956

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature black-and-white  
photos and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Title                Team

  1   P. B. H. May         Surrey
  2   D. C. S. Compton     Middlesex
  3   B. Statham           Lancashire
  4   F. Tyson             Northamptonshire
  5   M. C. Cowdrey        Kent
  6   G. A. R. Lock        Surrey
  7   T. E. Bailey         Essex
  8   T. W. Graveney       Gloucestershire
  9   J. H. Wardle         Yorkshire
 10   F. S. Trueman        Yorkshire
 11   P. E. Richardson     Worcestershire
 12   T. G. Evans          Kent
 13   D. B. Close          Yorkshire
 14   R. Appleyard         Yorkshire
 15   W. Watson            Yorkshire
 16   F. J. Titmus         Middlesex
 17   J. C. Laker          Surrey
 18   P. J. Loader         Surrey
 19   J. Wilson            South Australia
 20   P. Burge             Queensland
 21   I. W. Johnson        Victoria
 22   K. R. Miller         New South Wales
 23   J. Burke             New South Wales
 24   R. Benaud            New South Wales
 25   R. G. Archer         Queensland
 26   I. D. Craig          New South Wales
 27   A. K. Davidson       New South Wales
 28   R. N. Harvey         Victoria
 29   G. R. Langley        South Australia
 30   L. Maddocks          Victoria
 31   C. C. McDonald       Victoria
 32   K. Mackay            Queensland
 33   R. R. Lindwall       Queensland
 34   P. Crawford          New South Wales
 35   J. Rutherford        Western Australia

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