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   Cadet Sweets - 1957

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. A substantially revised series 
with the same name was released by Cadet in 1959.

No.   Title

  1   The Barbary Pirates
  2   Major Stede Bonnet
  3   Pirate Treasure
  4   Blackbeard the Terrible
  5   The Jolly Roger
  6   Francis L'Olonnois
  7   Attack on Tripoli
  8   The Barbary States
  9   Ned Low of the "Black Heart"
 10   A Viking Ship
 11   Capture of Porto Bello
 12   Captain Henry Morgan
 13   Buccaneers' Fort at Tortuga
 14   Cheng's Pirate Fleet
 15   Barbary Corsairs
 16   "Red Legs" Escapes
 17   Marooned
 18   The "Admiral Benbow"
 19   Pierre Le Grande
 20   Walking the Plank
 21   Hiding Treasure
 22   The "Hispaniola"
 23   The Pirate Musician
 24   Dragut the Turk
 25   Treasure Island
 26   Captain Avery
 27   Captain Vane's Prize
 28   Bartholomew Portugues
 29   Harry Glasby Acquitted
 30   Captain Spriggs
 31   Pirate Dogs
 32   Captain Bartholomew Roberts
 33   Anne Bonny
 34   Lieutenant Mission
 35   Morgan's Treasure
 36   Pirate Ditty
 37   Stertebeker the Viking
 38   Anjou Barbarossa I
 39   Jean Lafitte of the Gulf
 40   Francis Drake Knighted
 41   Phoenicians Versus Pirates
 42   Captain Kidd
 43   Mary Read
 44   Captain Kidd's Treasure
 45   Long John Silver
 46   Dalmatian Pirates' Captive
 47   Modern Chinese Pirates
 48   Khair-Ud-Din Barbarossa II
 49   Turtle Fishing
 50   Morgan's Fire Ship

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