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Water Transport
   Granose Foods - 1957

Note: Cards are approximately 2-1/4" x 3", and feature full-bleed colour 
artwork on card fronts and titles in 4 languages on card backs. Thanks to 
Kyle DeRoy for the original list!


   Cargo-boat unloading its cargo of cocoa at Marseilles
   Outboard motor boat with nautical skis in the Bay of Cannes
   Oxford-Cambridge Boat Race at finish
   Pleasure Yacht on Lake Garde in Italy
   Rapid vedette-boat of the International Police at the Port of Tangiers
   Steamboat on the Congo
   The "Liberte" , the most modern liner of French Merchant Navy
   The "Malleposte", ship with dual navigation, sail and screw-propeller
   The "Pourquoi-Pas", Antarctic laboratory boat of Commander Charcot
   The American Liner "L'America", present holder of the Blue Riband
   The battleship "Jean Bart"
   The factory Ship "Juan Peron" off Buenos Aires (Argentine Company)
   The French Aircraft Carrier "Arromanche", formerly "Colossus" of the British Navy
   The French oil tanker "Bernice" berthing at Le Havre
   The French submarine "Roland Marillot"
   Venetian gondola before the Lido

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©2002, 2012 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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