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What Do You Know?
Lyons Tea - 1957

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Question

  1   Why does a magnifying glass make things look larger?
  2   Why does water put out a fire?
  3   Why does water run off a duck's back?
  4   What is Nylon?
  5   Why does iron get rusty?
  6   What is a waterspout?
  7   What is a Plimsoll line?
  8   What is quicksilver?
  9   Why does blotting paper absorb ink?
 10   What are the British Isles?
 11   Why do we not feel the Earth going round?
 12   Why does a camel have a hump?
 13   Why do bees buzz?
 14   Why does a piece of ice make a drink colder?
 15   Why do we dream?
 16   Why is it an "India Rubber'?
 17   Why is ice slippery?
 18   What was the unicorn?
 19   Why has a postage stamp a perforated edge?
 20   Why does an onion make our eyes water?
 21   Why do giraffes have long necks?
 22   Why is the sea salty?
 23   Why does furniture sometimes creak?
 24   What is the age of a tree?
 25   Why does an iceberg float?
 26   What are The Northern Lights?
 27   What are the Bluecoat Boys?
 28   What is a stalactite?
 29   What is paper made of?
 30   Why do chemists sometimes have coloured bottles in their windows?
 31   What is a vacuum flask?
 32   What does the name 'England' mean?
 33   Why do trees' branches grow sideways?
 34   What makes glass?
 35   Why is coal the best thing for making a fire?
 36   Why does the sea change colour?
 37   What is the history of tea?
 38   Why does boiling milk flow over the top of the saucepan?
 39   What is the Dead Sea?
 40   What is a baker's dozen?
 41   What is a totem pole?
 42   What makes a knot in a piece of wood?
 43   What are the Trade Winds?
 44   Why do flowerpots have a hole in the bottom?
 45   What is Greenwich Mean Time?
 46   Why is the sea never still?
 47   Why do coats have buttons on their cuffs?
 48   What can a cat see in the dark?

©2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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