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Film Stars (Plain Back)
   Kane Products, Ltd. - 1958

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-5/8" x 3-3/4".  Card fronts feature colour or 
tinted photos; card  backs are blank.

No.   Actor                    Current Film / Studio

  1   Ruth Roman               Republic Pictures
  2   Ann Blythe               R.K.O. Radio Pictures
  3   Rory Calhoun             Treasure of Pancho Villa
  4   Zsa Zsa Gabor            The Truth about Women
  5   Alan White               Girls at Sea
  6   George Baker             The Moonraker
  7   Peter Arne               The Moonraker
  8   Yvonne Furneaux          Associated British Productions
  9   Richard Todd             Chase a Crooked Shadow
 10   Guy Rolfe                Girls at Sea
 11   Jane Greer               R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 12   Dorothy Malone           Tension at Table Rock
 13   Susan Hayward            R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 14   Esther Williams          Universal International Pictures
 15   Virginia Mayo            R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 16   David Niven              The Silken Affair
 17   Gail Russell             Republic Pictures
 18   Dennis O'Keefe           Republic Pictures
 19   Robert Ryan              R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 20   John Wayne               Republic Pictures
 21   Roy Rogers               King of the Cowboys
 22   Doris Day                Teachers Pet
 23   Robert Stack             Great Day in the Morning
 24   Laurence Harvey          The Silent Enemy
 25   Rod Steiger              Run of the Arrow
 26   Anita Ekberg             Back from Eternity
 27   Gene Raymond             R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 28   Gordon Scott             Tarzan
 29   Hedy Lamar               Republic Pictures
 30   Lucille Ball             R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 31   Elaine Stewart           High Hell
 32   Sophia Loren             Gala Film Distributors
 33   Diana Dors               I Married a Woman
 34   Carole lesley            Woman in a Dressing Gown
 35   Terry Moore              Shack out on 101
 36   Janette Scott            Associated British Productions
 37   John Fraser              The Good Companions
 38   Joan Fontaine            Born to be Bad
 39   Frankie Vaughan          Associated British Productions
 40   Gianna Marie Canale      The Silent Enemy
 41   Vera Ellen               Let's be Happy
 42   Freddie Mills            6.5 Special
 43   Gilbert Roland           Treasure of Pancho Villa
 44   Jane Russell             Underwater
 45   Rhonda Fleming           R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 46   Jim Dale                 6.5 Special
 47   Elsa Martinelli          Manuella
 48   Don Lang                 6.5 Special
 49   Trevor Howard            Manuella
 50   Maureen O'Hara           Republic Pictures
 51   Tony Britton             Birthday Present
 52   John Agar                R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 53   Dennis Lotis             Golden Disc
 54   John Barry               6.5 Special
 55   Donna Reed               R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 56   Grace Kelly              Paramount Pictures
 57   Mari Blanchard           Son of Sinbad
 58   Barbara Nicholls         R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 59   Johnny Dankworth         6.5 Special
 60   Dawn Addams              The Silent Enemy
 61   Alexis Smith             R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 62   Joanne Dru               R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 63   Faith Domergue           R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 64   Margaret Sheridan        R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 65   Ava Gardner              The Barefoot Contessa
 66   Yvonne de Carlo          Magic Fire
 67   Gloria Grahame           R.K.O. Radio Pictures
 68   Terry Dene               The Golden Disc
 69   Ama Cogan                Showband
 70   Jill Adams               British Lion
 71   Mike & Bernie Winters    6.5 Special
 72   Marigold Russell         Blue Murder at St. Trinians

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