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Sports Quiz
Sweetule Products Ltd. - 1958

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Sport             Quiz Subject

  1   Football          earliest match
  2   F.A. Cup          highest score
  3   Billy Wright      married sister
  4   Football          Scottish player
  5   Football          throw in
  6   Soccer            marking mistake
  7   Cricket           over vs. round
  8   Cricket           beyond the crease
  9   Cricket           slow scoring
 10   Cricket           white line
 11   Rugby             committing a foul
 12   Rugby Football    two types
 13   Judo              far eastern country
 14   Tennis            royal sport
 15   Table Tennis      another name
 16   Ski-ing           first competition
 17   Swimming          origination
 18   Boxing            low blow
 19   Speedway Racing   two-time winners
 20   Ice Hockey        flat disc
 21   Wrestling         heavyweight title
 22   Hockey            tapping sticks and ground
 23   Rugby Union       forward pass
 24   Archery           bows and arrows
 25   High Jumping      crossbar paint

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