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British Wild Life
Brooke Bond - 1958

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and are described by Frances
Pitt and illustrated by C.F. Tunnicliffe R.A. The series was issued with three
different company references: Brooke Bond Great Britain Ltd.; Brooke Bond
Tea Ltd.; or Brooke Bond & Co. Ltd.

No.   Title                                      Classification

  1   The Shetland Pony
  2   The Welsh Mountain Pony
  3   Wild White or Park Cattle
  4   The Red Deer                               Cervus elaphus
  5   The Fallow Deer                            Dama dama
  6   The Roe Deer                               Capreolus capreolus
  7   The Mole                                   Talpa europaea
  8   The Hedgehog                               Erinaceus europaeus
  9   The Fox                                    Vulpes vulpes
 10   The Bedger or Brock                        Meles meles
 11   The Otter                                  Lutra lutra
 12   The Polecat                                Putorius putorius
 13   The Pine Marten                            Martes martes
 14   The Stoat                                  Mustela erminea
 15   The Weasel                                 Mustela nivalis
 16   The Common Seal                            Phoca vitulina
 17   The Grey Seal                              Halichoerus grypus
 18   Scottish Wild Cat                          Felis silvestris
 19   The Grey Squirrel                          Sciurus carolinensis
 20   The Red Squirrel                           Sciurus vulgaris
 21   The Mountain or Blue Hare                  Lepus timidus
 22   The Brown Hare                             Lepus europaeus
 23   The Rabbit                                 Oryctolagus cuniculus
 24   The Black or Old English Rat               Rattus rattus
 25   The Common or Brown Rat                    Rattus norvegicus
 26   The Dormouse                               Muscardinus avellanarius
 27   The Bank Vole                              Clethrionomys glareolus
 28   The Field Vole or Grass Mouse              Microtus agrestis
 29   The Water Vole                             Arvicola amphibius
 30   The Water Shrew                            Neomys fodiens
 31   The Lesser or Pigmy Shrew                  Sorex minutus
 32   The House Mouse                            Mus musculus
 33   The Long-Tailed Field Mouse or Wood Mouse  Apodemus sylvaticus
 34   The Yellow-Necked Mouse                    Apodemus flavicollis wintoni
 35   The Harvest Mouse                          Micromys minutus
 36   The Noctule or Great Bat                   Nyctalus noctula
 37   The Long-Eared Bat                         Plecotus auritus
 38   The Greater Horseshoe Bat                  Rhinolophus ferrum-equinum
 39   The Pipistrelle                            Pipistrellus pipistrellus
 40   The Sand Lizard                            Lacerta agilis
 41   The Common Lizard                          Lacerta vivipara
 42   The Grass Snake                            Natrix natrix
 43   The Adder                                  Vipera berus
 44   Blindworm or Slow-Worm                     Anguis fragilis
 45   The Smooth Snake                           Coronella austriaca
 46   The Common Frog                            Rana temporaria
 47   The Edible Frog                            Rana esculenta
 48   The Common Toad                            Bufo bufo
 49   The Natterjack Toad                        Bufo calamita
 50   The Palmated Newt                          Triturus helyeticus

 --   (Card Album)

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