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Wild Flowers Series 2
Brooke Bond - 1959

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Two printings are known,
distinguishable for the absence or presence of "Issued By" in the text. The
former is more rare and valuable.  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title                         Classification

  1   Lesser Celandine              Ranunculus ficaria L.
  2   Wood Anemone                  Anemone nemorosa
  3   Butterbur                     Petasites hybridus L.
  4   Daffodil                      Narcissus pseudo-narcissus L.
  5   Periwinkle                    Vinca major L.
  6   Wild Garlic                   Allium ursinum L.
  7   Vernal Squill                 Scilla verna Huds.
  8   Purple Saxifrage              Saxifraga oppositifolia L.
  9   Early Purple Orchis           Orchis mascula L.
 10   Yellow Flag                   Iris pseuacorus L.
 11   Water Crowfoot                Ranunculus aquatilis L.
 12   Cowslip                       Primula veris L.
 13   Globe Flower                  Trollius europaeus L.
 14   Pasque Flower                 Anemone pulsatilla L.
 15   Marsh Helleborine             Epipactis palustris L.
 16   Wild Arum                     Arum maculatum L.
 17   Grass of Parnassus            Parnassia palustris L.
 18   Bee Orchid                    Ophrys apifera Huds.
 19   Marsh Gentian                 Gentiana pneumonanthe L.
 20   Arrow-Head                    Sagittaria sagittifolia L.
 21   Sundew                        Drosera rotundfolia L.
 22   Butterwort                    Pinguicula vulgaris L.
 23   Sweet Violet                  Viola odorata L.
 24   Yellow, or Biting Stonecrop   Sedum acre L.
 25   Burnet Rose                   Rosa spinosissima L.
 26   Amphibious Persicaria         Polygonum amphibium L.
 27   White Water-Lily              Nymphaea alba L.
 28   Yellow Water-Lily             Nuphar lutea L.
 29   Centaury                      Centaurium umbellatum Gilib
 30   Rock Samphire                 Crithmum maritimum L.
 31   Sea-Pink                      Armeria maritima Willd.
 32   Sea Lavender                  Limonium binervosum G.E. Sm.
 33   Horned Poppy                  Glaucium flavum Crantz.
 34   Sea Holly                     Eryngium maritimum L.
 35   Foxglove                      Digitalis purpurea L.
 36   Greater Bindweed              Calystegia sepium L.
 37   Soapwort                      Saponaria officinalis L.
 38   Columbine                     Aquilegia vulgaris L.
 39   Herb Robert                   Geranium robertianum L.
 40   Chicory                       Cichorium intybus L.
 41   Ragged Robin                  Lychnis flos-cuculi L.
 42   Henbane                       Hyoscyamus niger L.
 43   Tufted Vetch                  Vicia cracca L.
 44   House Leek                    Sempervivum tectorum L.
 45   Wall Pennywort                Umbilicus rupestris Dandy
 46   Tansy                         Tanacetum vulgare L.
 47   Rose-Bay Willow-Herb          Chamaenerion augustifolium Scop.
 48   Carline Thistle               Carlina vulgaris L.
 49   Purple Loosestrife            Lythrum salicaria L.
 50   Meadow Saffron                Colchicum autumnale L.

 --   (Card Album)

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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