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5FINITY Membership Promo Set
   5FINITY Productions - 2013

Notes: Also part of an "early pay" incentive, only 25 sets were produced.

 No.    Description                    Subject/Series

 5F1    (lounging on orange)           Lady Death
 5F2    (spiral swimsuit)              Mandy
 5F3    (masked bully with cleaver)    Hack/Slash
 5F4    (red splatter and gun)         ?
 5F5    (rolling pin chases fish)      Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies
 5F6    (white and black hair pair)    Lady Death/Hack Slash
 5F7    (Crusader)                     ?
 5F8    (white top on wall)            Mandy
 5F9    Click!                         Zombies vs. Cheerleaders
 5F10   (gray scottie)                 P'ups: Pin-ups & Puppies

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