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Cowboy: A Series of 50 Cards
   Primrose Confectionery - 1960

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text and a featured fact.

No.   Title               Card Back Feature

  1   Lonesome Trail      A Cowboy's Weapon: Colt Pistol
  2   Town Marshal        Cattle Brand Mark: Cross A
  3   Stagecoach          Indian Symbol: Lasso
  4   Gunman              Cattle Brand Mark: Running O
  5   The Iron Horse      Indian Symbol: Rain
  6   High Noon           Indian Symbol: Eagle Feathers
  7   Wild Horses         Cattle Brand Mark: Box W
  8   Texas Ranger        Cattle Brand Mark: Bridle Bit
  9   Mexicans            Most Famous Red Indian Chief
 10   Riverboat Scene     The Derringer
 11   Wagon Train         Cattle Brand Mark: M Plus
 12   Stray Horse         A Typical Indian Brave
 13   Bucking Bronco      Indian Weapon: Apache War Club
 14   Sheriff's Office    Cattle Brand Mark: Bow and Arrow
 15   The Homestead       Indian Weapon: Tomahawk (Delaware)
 16   Riverboat Station   Indian Symbol: Hogan
 17   Wild Horse Trap     Indian Sign Language: You
 18   Bull Wrestling      Indian Symbol: Days and Nights
 19   The Posse           Indian Trail Signs
 20   Indian Chief        Indian Sign Language: Make
 21   Horse Sense         Cattle Brand Mark: Bar 40
 22   Stallion At Bay     Cattle Brand Mark: Swing Easy
 23   Little Dogie        Indian Weapon: Tomahawk (Middle West)
 24   Bronc Busting       Indian Symbol: Constant Life
 25   U.S. Cavalry        Cattle Brand Mark: Horseshoe Bar
 26   Buck Jumper         Cattle Brand Mark: Seven Up
 27   For Branding        Indian Sign Language: Camp
 28   Smoke Signals       Indian Symbol: Guidance
 29   Cattle Drive        Indian Weapon: War Club
 30   Rodeo               Cattle Brand Mark: The B Heart
 31   Round-Up            Indian Trail Sign: Red Arrow
 32   New Pastures        Indian Chief: Crazy Horse
 33   Trapper             Indian Symbol: Medicine-Man's Eye
 34   Range Sunday        Indian Weapon: War Club (Seminole)
 35   Quick on the Draw   Cattle Brand Mark: Longhorn
 36   Train Robbery       Cattle Brand Mark: Crescent F
 37   Campfire            Indian Symbols: Lightning
 38   Road Agent          Indian Sign Language: Among
 39   Big Day             Indian Symbol: Man
 40   Hunting Buffalo     Cattle Brand Mark: Coffee Pot
 41   Lone Ranger         Indian Weapon: War Club (Apache)
 42   Untamable           Indian Sign Language: Trees
 43   Stampede            Indian Symbol: Arrowhead
 44   Marksmanship        Indian Sport: Lacrosse
 45   Remuda              Famous American General
 46   Hold-Up             Indian Symbol: Tepee
 47   Local Rodeo         Indian Weapon: Tomahawk (Middle West)
 48   Garrison            Cattle Brand Mark
 49   Water!              Cattle Brand Mark: Anchor
 50   Strangers           Cattle Brand Mark: Circle A Bar

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