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Rare Animals & Reptiles
   Sanitarium - 1960

Notes: Cards are approximately 3-3/8" x 2-1/4".  Thanks to Sean Wright for the scan!

No.   Title

  1   Okapis
  2   White-Nosed Coatis
  3   Orang-Utan
  4   Fennecs
  5   Porcupine
  6   Tarsiers
  7   Anaconda
  8   Ring-Tailed Lemurs
  9   Sarmatian Polecat
 10   Hyaenas
 11   Californian Sea Lions
 12   Chamaeleon
 13   Mandrill
 14   Water Monitor
 15   Jaguar
 16   Guerza Monkeys
 17   Lynx
 18   Duck Billed Platypus
 19   Malay Tapirs
 20   Great Ant-Eater
 21   Black Tailed Iguana
 22   Tuatara
 23   Kinkajou
 24   Silatica or Mexican Poisonous Lizard
 25   Banded Mungoose (sic)

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