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'60s Sci-Fi & Terror TV - Series 1
FunFax - 1994

Note:  Thanks much to Genny Carr for providing the checklist!!

No.   Title

The Classic '60s Series...

  1   Title Card
  2   Alfred Hitchcock Presents
  3   Dr. Quartermass
  4   One Step Beyond
  5   The Twilight Zone
  6   The Outer Limits
  7   Thriller
  8   The Invaders
  9   Land of the Giants
 10   Voyage to the Bottm of the Sea
 11   Lost In Space
 12   The Time Tunnel
 13   The Prisioner
 14   Way Out
 15   The Wild, Wild, West
 16   Journey to the Unknown
 17   The Avengers
 18   The Addams Family
 19   The Munsters
 20   Dr. Who
 21   Star Trek
 22   Bewitched
 23   Dark Shadows
 24   My Favorite Martian
 25   Great Ghost Tales

The Classic '60s Episodes...

 26   The Man Trap
 27   The Invaders
 28   Rendezvous with Yesterday
 29   The Jar
 30   Beach Head
 31   Arrival
 32   False Face
 33   To Serve Man
 34   The Keeper
 35   The Zanti Mantis
 36   The Hungru Glass
 37   Dance of the Dead
 38   Side Show
 39   The Menagerie
 40   Quartermass and the Pit
 41   The Architects of Fear
 42   Pigeons From Hell
 43   Man Fron The South
 44   Many Happy Returns
 45   The Open Window
 46   Nightmare at 20,000 Feet
 47   The Incredible Dr. Markesan
 48   The Invisibles
 49   The Dark Room
 50   Checklist


 P1   (The Prisoner)
 P2   (The Prisoner)
 P3   (The Prisoner)
 P4   (The Prisoner)
 P5   (The Prisoner)
 P6   (The Prisoner)

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