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'60s Sci-Fi & Terror TV - Series 2
FunFax - 1994

Note:  Thanks much to Genny Carr for providing the checklist!!  The checklist
card is considered part of the basic set.

No.   Title

 51	Title Card
 52	World of Giants
 53	The Munsters
 54	The Avengers
 55	The Addams Family
 56	It's About Time
 57	Voyage to the Bottom...
 58	The Invaders
 59	My Favorite Martian
 60	Thriller
 61	La Strega
 62	The Grim Reaper
 63	The Purple Room
 64	The Cheaters
 65	Terror in Teakwood
 66	My Living Doll
 67	Star Trek
 68	Way Out
 69	The Outer Limits
 70	Soldier
 71	The Bellero Shield
 72	The Sixth Finger
 73	The Man Who Was...
 74	Demon With a Glass Hand
 75	I Dream of Jeannie
 76	Bewitched
 77	The Ghost and Mrs. Muir
 78	The Twilight Zone
 79	It's a Good Life
 80	The Nick of Time
 81	The Eye of the Beholder
 82	Time Enough at Last
 83	People are Alike All Over
 84	Men Into Space
 85	Lost In Space
 86	The Wild, Wild West
 87	Alfred Hitchcock Presents
 88	Anniversary Gift
 89	The Life Work of Juan Diaz
 90	The Photographer and The Undertaker
 91	The Long Silence
 92	Consider Her Ways
 93	Dark Shadows
 94	Land of The Giants
 95	The Time Tunnel
 96	One Step Beyond
 97	Ordeal on Locust Street
 98	The Executioner
 99	The Gift
100	Good-bye Grandpa

---   Checklist

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