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T.V.'s Huckleberry Hound and Friends
   Barratt & Co., Ltd. - 1961

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.

  No.   Title

    1   Hunter Jinks
    2   Coming, Sir
    3   Artist Yogi
    4   Chef Boo-Boo
    5   What Now?
    6   Rock'n Roll Pixie
    7   How!
    8   Cousin Tex
    9   I'll Get Him, This Round
   10   Sleepytime Jinks
   11   Look! It's Us!
   12   Flying High
   13   Keep Pulling, Jinks!
   14   All Together Now
   15   He's For It!
   16   Scouts Honour
   17   It's Easy
   18   How Many
   19   Is That Me?
   20   It's Warmer In
   21   April Showers!
   22   You Tell Him, Dixie
   23   Top of the World
   24   Soft Landing
   25   Keep Your Eye on the Ball
   26   Over!
   27   Ping Pong Pixie
   28   Let's Go
   29   He Flies through the Air
   30   Who Said It Was Wrong?
   31   Unexpected Visitor
   32   Mayor Yogi
   33   I've Seen Him Before!
   34   Encore?
   35   Film Premiere

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