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Jewish Symbols and Ceremonies (Part 1)
West London Synagogue - 1961

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Cards are marked "A Series of 50,"
which was to have been issued in two parts.  But the second part was not widely
distributed, and the first 25 cards are considered to be a full set.

No.   Theme

  1   Rosh Hashanah
  2   Moses on Mt. Nebo
  3   Yom Kippur
  4   Arba Minim, Lulav
  5   Succah (Tabernacle)
  6   Simchat Torah
  7   Aron Ha-Kodesh (Holy Ark)
  8   The Flood
  9   Menorah (Candlestick)
 10   Challoth (Loaves)
 11   Mezuzah, Shema
 12   Kiddush Cup
 13   Ner Tamid (Perpetual Light)
 14   Havdalah
 15   Dead Sea Scrolls
 16   Chanucah
 17   Sabbath Candles
 18   Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
 19   Choshen (Torah Breast-Plate)
 20   Birkat Hamazon (Grace)
 21   Shekel of Bar Kochba
 22   Saplings, 15th of Shevat
 23   Keter Torah (Torah Crown)
 24   Wailing Wall
 25   Yad (Torah Pointer)

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