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Living Birds of the World
   Sanitarium - 1961

Notes: Many thanks to Sean Wright for the scans!

No.   Title

  1   Toucan Barbet
  2   Purple Gallinule
  3   Laysan Albatross
  4   Masked Lovebird
  5   Black-Necked Stilt
  6   American Flamingo
  7   Budgerigar
  8   Rufous Hummingbird
  9   Atlantid Puffin
 10   Forest Kingfisher
 11   Great Kiskadee
 12   Cock-of-the-Rock
 13   Black-Eared Golden Tanager
 14   Ground Hornbill
 15   Gouldian Finch
 16   Pacific Loon
 17   Killdeer
 18   Magnificent Frigate-Bird
 19   Keep-Billed Toucans
 20   Horned Owl
 21   Lesser Bird of Paradise
 22   Crowned Crane
 23   Lyre Bird
 24   Macaroni Penguin
 25   Rufous-Crowned Roller

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